"Silent Power's products will improve the value of residential renewable energy and provide utilities with the ability to store and tap green energy sources when they're needed most."

—Todd Headlee, CEO, Silent Power

Area benefitting from energy initiatives

The Brainerd Lakes Area has a growing interest in supporting renewable energy initiatives and BLAEDC is aggressively pursuing grants and other resources to grow this industry segment.

The area is already home to two unique power initiatives: the Crow Wing County Landfill Gas Recovery Project and Silent Power.

  • The Crow Wing County Landfill Gas Recovery Project collects methane gas from the landfill's degrading trash, making it available for commercial use.
  • Silent Partner is developing renewable energy storage devices that will provide utility companies with the ability to store green energy and tap into it when needed.

A recent study revealed that the area is a prime candidate for an expansion in renewable energy and fuel-related businesses because of these projects and others, and because of commercial interest locally.

Success in acquiring energy grants

Energy companies and those pursuing energy initiatives have an excellent foundation from which to operate. The Brainerd Lakes Area is working hard to expand this economic segment and has been successful on a number of fronts.

The City of Brainerd received two state energy grants to study using heat from wastewater collection and installing a solar panel at the Brainerd Public Utilities service center. Region 5 recently received a federal grant to include energy in its regional planning. All of these efforts will equate to stability and growth in the energy industries within Crow Wing County.    

Average Weekly Wage by Industry
  Companies Emps Crow Wing MN
All Industries 2,164 28,275 $652 $928 $948 
Trade, Transportation, Utilities 480 5,806 $513 $806 $795 
Public Administration
73 1,283 $952 $972  
Natural Resources and Mining
24 83 $364 $906 $1,080 
Source: Minnesota Dept of Employment & Economic Development, 2013 Q2 Data.  US 2012 Annual Data.
Updated: February, 2014

Average Hourly Wage by Occupation
Occupation Average Hourly Wage
General/Operations Managers $35.40
Electrical Engineers $33.61
Meter Readers
Customer Service Representatives $15.25
Source: Wage Data, 2Q, 2013 Region Five EDR (MN DEED, OES)
Updated: November, 2013

Taking advantage of building sites, infrastructure

The Brainerd Lakes Area's three industrial parks have a variety of sites on which energy companies could build. Plus, the infrastructure is in place to transport materials and products efficiently and quickly. Access to major highways, railroad lines and air service is a major benefit to locating here.

The area's workforce is another major consideration for companies considering a move to the Brainerd Lakes Area. The workforce here has an attractive blend of skill, education, and loyalty, and workers live here because of the high quality of life, meaning average wages are significantly lower than the statewide and national averages.

Your first step: Contact BLAEDC today

If you're considering the Brainerd Lakes Area as a location for an energy-related business, or you're thinking of expanding here, your first call should be to the Brainerd Lakes Area Economic Development Corporation. Let us help you get started. We're ready. Let's grow!

Major Energy Employers, Crow Wing County
Landis + Gyr      175 
Crow Wing Power 105 
Brainerd Public Utilities 46 
Silent Power 19 
Crow Wing County Landfill
Source: BLAEDC Research, November, 2013


Unique Energy Property

Property Name: Crow Wing County Landfill Gas Recovery Project
Location: Oak Lawn Township
Facility Type: Potential Energy/Industrial Park
Lot Size: Up to 30 acres

Unique Features: Landfill gas collection system. Potential to provide landfill gas for energy/industrial activities. County would consider a nominal fee for the lease (e.g., $1) as long as the developer was responsible for any structures or utilities they require.

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Insights from Area Leaders

Silent Power
Silent Power is focused on making renewable energy more valuable. The inherent intermittent nature of wind and solar energy means that this energy is often not available when you need it the most. By combining energy storage with our patented inverter technology, Silent Power makes renewable energy available when it is needed the most.