Silent Power  

Organization Name:  Silent Power

Todd Headlee

Tell me about your company

Silent Power makes energy storage devices that help electric utilities integrate renewables into their system. Silent Power’s mission is to make renewable energy valuable by making it available when it is needed. Silent Power has been in business for nine years and currently has 18 employees. Silent Power’s recent accomplishments include a Storage Project with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District and an Electric Car Charging Project with the Electric Power Research Institute and Tennessee Valley Authority.

Why is your company located in the Brainerd Lakes Area?

The Brained Lakes Area was appealing to our company due to: quality of Life, lower cost of labor, low cost commercial property, very low employee turnover rates, and a strong educational system.

Tell me about you

I have been the CEO of Silent Power for three years. Prior to joining Silent Power,I held numerous positions at Hunt Technologies, assuming the roles of Chief Technology Officer, Chief Operating Officer, then President and Chief Executive Officer. Other executive experiences include Chief Information Officer for Universal Pensions, an industry giant in financial services, and co-founder of Javelin Technologies, a leading Midwestern software consulting firm. I have a BA degree in Electrical Engineering from North Dakota State University.