Stern Assembly/Rotomolding  

Organization Name:  Stern Assembly/Rotomolding

Shawn Hunstad

Tell me about your company

Stern Assembly/Rotomolding is a part of Stern Industries, a broker of plastic and rubber components. Stern Industries began as a spin-off of Stern Rubber Company in 1995. Stern Rubber Company was getting inquiries from its customer base to source polymer products outside of custom molded rubber, which they had been doing since the late 1960's. In order for this to be managed effectively, the decision was made to create a separate entity named Stern Industries. The Stern Companies offer a variety of rubber molding capabilities, such as compression, transfer and injection molding, as well as extrusion, die cutting and rubber to metal bonding. The plastic capabilities include injection molding, rotational and blow molding, UHMW, extrusion and thermoforming.

  Stern Assembly/Rotomolding
Why is your company located in the Brainerd Lakes Area?

The Brainerd Lakes Area has offered our family of companies everything we could ask for – an honest and dedicated workforce, flexible financing options and partners who help each other. It’s a small-town atmosphere with the can do attitude of a major metro area. Plus, the quality of life for my family and employees is second to none.

Tell me about you

I’ve been with the company since it’s inception in 1995. Prior to that, I worked with Stern Rubber. In addition to managing the company, I also maintain a sales territory. Overall, I am really passionate about finding solutions for our customers.