Today's infrastructure for tomorrow's growth

The forward-thinking municipalities and communities in the Brainerd Lakes Area have invested in infrastructure that will meet the future needs of a growing commercial sector. From transportation issues to new technologies, the infrastructure gives this area the edge in terms of commercial growth.

Exceptional utilities service with below-average rates

Local utilities have kept pace with the area's growth and increasing demand, upgrading and enhancing where needed and adding the services and features required in today's business climate. Click here to learn more about the services that local utility providers offer and their rates, most of which are below the state and region averages.

State's major markets are easily accessible

Located in the geographic center of Minnesota, the Brainerd Lakes Area has easy access to the state's major population centers and is only a two-hour drive from the Twin Cities and its global reach. This area's transportation options include road, air and rail alternatives.

Innovative, advanced infrastructure sets the area apart

Fiber optics and landfill gas recovery are two examples of unique and advanced infrastructure available in the Brainerd Lakes Area for companies that want to benefit from them. They're also setting the stage for dynamic commercial growth in this area.


Unique Infrastructure

Crow Wing County is the first in the nation to promote the Recirculation to Energy (RTE) concept and the smallest active landfill in Minnesota to voluntarily collect and utilize energy from captured landfill gas, therefore reducing its environmental impact and earning the county carbon credits.