Attractive sites and buildings await.

A wide variety of attractive options await those who are starting a business or considering moving their business to the Brainerd Lakes Area. From shovel-ready sites in our industrial parks to functional and affordable existing buildings for lease or sale, you’ll find affordable options, a solid infrastructure, and the necessary resources to help you hit the ground running.

Industrial parks and Sites

The Brainerd Lakes Area is home to several industrial parks. Each is a great first stop for any business wanting to find an affordable location to build that has the necessary infrastructure. The Baxter, Brainerd and Pequot Lakes industrial parks all have available sites with excellent access to the main transportation arteries. With the infrastructure in place and supportive municipal offices willing to expedite the permitting process, a business can break ground quickly.

City-Owned Industrial Parks with Available LandBrainerdBaxterPequot Lakes
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 City Ordinances City OrdinancesCity Ordinances
ZonedLight Industrial Industrial - Office Light Industrial 
  SourceWells WellsArtesian Aquifer 
  Storage Cap.3,400,000 gal 2,400,000 gal 250,000 gal
  Pumping Cap.8,850 gal/minute 2,500 gal/mn 300 gal/min
  Ave. Demand1,391,000 gal/day1,000,000 gal/day 95,000 gal/day
  Treat. TypeSequencing Batch Reactors Sequencing BatchAerated ponds with spray irrigation
  Plant Cap. 6,000,000 gal/day 2,000,000 gal/day 122,000 gal/day
  Ave. Demand2,400,000 gal/day 500,000 gal/day 58,000 gal/day
  Peak Demand3,130,000 gal/day 718,000 gal/day 73,000 gal/day
  Natural Gas   
  Line size 3 inch 3 inch 6 inch
  Primary     4,160V - 34.5KV 7,200 V 7,200 V
  Road load 10 tons 10 tons 10 tons
  Load in park 10 tons 10 tons 10 tons